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Cedric Mossner
The Morpheus Tutorials (180K Followers)

Become a Web Developer with Cedric Mössner

Once a year Cedric hand-picks 50 students for an intensive online training program.
Launch your dream career and pay €0 tuition until you’re hired.
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7 months, Part-time
Live learning sessions
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Cedric Mössner is an experienced software engineer and one of Germany's leading tech influencers. His YouTube channels - "The Morpheus Tutorials" and "The Morpheus Vlogs" have more than 220k combined followers.

He has worked with leading companies in Germany and abroad, and now he’s looking for the 50 most talented individuals to join his Masterschool and launch their own tech careers.

How does it work?

Learn directly from industry leaders

Led by Cedric Mössner, your hands-on training is conducted by a team of industry experts. Learn directly from experienced tech professionals who know exactly what you need to launch your career.

Pay €0 tuition until you're hired

Pay €0 tuition until you find a job earning more than the threshold income of €30,000 a year. Then, you will pay us back 10% of your income until the tuition is fully paid.

Launch your dream career

Until you are hired, you will take part in an immersive career accelerator including CV crafting workshops, interview simulations, and active opportunity sourcing from our network of employers.

What you’ll learn

We constantly update our curriculum to reflect industry trends and needs. During the intensive 7-month program, you will learn the professional and technical skills that you need to launch a successful career.
Weeks 1-6

HTML, CSS, Website Layout, and Website Components

Weeks 7-8

JavaScript & The DOM

Weeks 9-10

Object-Oriented JavaScript

Weeks 11-12

Functional Programming

Weeks 13-14

Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript

Weeks 15-16

Master the React ecosystem with Redux and Jest

Weeks 20-21

Web APIs and Asynchronous Applications

Weeks 22-24

Backend Development with Node.JS and Typescript

Weeks 25-27

Creating an API with PostgreSQL and Express

Weeks 28-30

Final Project

Until hired

Career acceleration and job search

Guest lecturers and

industry experts

Meet some of the industry’s leading experts during special guest lectures and live sessions.
Cedric Mossner picture
Shalev Barel
Product manager
Product manager
Cedric Mossner picture
Shalev Barel
Product manager
Product manager
Cedric Mossner picture
Shalev Barel
Product manager
Product manager
Cedric Mossner picture
Shalev Barel
Product manager
Product manager

An active career acceleration

Develop your career skills and get the job of your dreams with our career acceleration program. We're invested in the success of our students, so we actively help you get internship and job offers and launch your career.

Career workshops

Extensive workshops and active support to improve your resume and LinkedIn profile, activate your network, and more.

Career coaching

1:1 mentorship by career coaches and tech professionals from within the industry. Identify knowledge gaps, master job interviews, and navigate your way to your dream job.

Career accelerator

The career accelerator team makes sure that no graduate is left behind. Get the support of an entire team working to get you hired.


Get access to thousands of job and internships opportunities, before they're posted anywhere else.

The team

Meet your new support network.
Cedric Mossner picture

The Master

Cedric Mössner


Attend advanced lectures, technical and career-related fireside chats, live Q&A, and mentorship sessions by Cedric Mössner. Join Cedric to learn his insider perspective and unique approach to what the market really needs.
Hadar Zeharia picture

School Manager

Hadar Zeharia


Hadar, the School Manager, is your go-to person for anything you need. He runs the school and is there to support you throughout your studies, ensuring a smooth and effective training experience so that you can focus on building an inspiring career.
Tal, Shuli and Nir

Instructors &Tutors

Instructors &

Our experienced team of instructors will help you reach your learning goals, track your progress during each sprint, and help you resolve any difficulties that may arise. You will see them in live coding sessions, subject intro lectures, Q&A sessions, and other live events throughout the week.
Rita J Verga

Career Success Manager

Rita J Verga

Career Success Manager

Your Career-Success Manager, Rita, will make sure that you stay on track to reach your career goals. As your very own industry compass, she will help you with opportunity sourcing, connect you to our professional network, and support you throughout your work application and interview process
Rom Tene

Industry Partnerships Lead

Rom Tene

Partnerships Lead

The Industry Partnerships Lead, Rom, is your biggest advocate when you start your job hunt. He's the first to know about job and internship opportunities that may be a perfect fit for you. He will connect you with potential employers and guide you through their hiring processes.

What our

graduates say

Join hundreds of graduates of Masterschool programs who work at the world’s leading companies. Here’s what they have to say:
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+750 Others
"Masterschool's team continually assisted me in developing and improving so that I could become the best version of myself. Before this program, I had no experience in the tech field. But now I work for one of the best companies in the world."
Yevgeniya Gimelfarb
Data Analyst, Google
"Joining a Masterschool training program was probably the best professional decision I ever made. I honestly don’t believe I could have gotten to where I am today without the support and personal attention I received from their team."
Tsahi Sharon
Senior Business Analyst, Wix
"Masterschool helped me achieve my dream of becoming a data scientist. When my motivation was low, the team gave me a boost, helped me optimize my CV, provided me with numerous opportunities to apply for,  and even guided me during the salary negotiation process."
Yohan Medalsy
Data Science Lead, Huuuge
"We all need someone to believe in us. The Masterschool team never failed to believe in me. It was an amazing experience to not only learn the technical skills to become an industry expert, but also to meet amazing people and join a network that is very much a part of me now."
Olga Yavelskaya
Data Analyst, Moon Active
"Apart from the excellent training program, Masterschool really helped me network and prepare for the real-life workplace"
Swarnalata Beesetty
Analyst, Accenture
graduates pictures
+750 Others

Success-based tuition

We’ll cover your tuition until you get hired.
This means that you'll pay your tuition only after you find a job making more than €30K a year (i.e., €2,500 a month).
Your repayment rate will be 10% of your income each month until you have fully paid the tuition cost of €12,500.
After we have accepted your application, we will ask you to pay a small registration fee (€250), a payment that will be deducted from the total tuition amount.

We want every successful applicant to be able to pursue our program. If you really can’t afford the registration fee, just let us know and we’ll waive it.

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Entrance Tests

30-minute aptitude and personality assessment tests.


Top candidates will be invited to an online interview.


50 hand-picked students will build their dream careers.

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